INTERESTS: Ripping, bending, and stretching sound waves to suite my
needs. Seeking out rare ragga samples and accapellas. Being reclusive
as possible, it helps me focus and causes fewer headache. Watching any
and every horror film with a sampler at hand. Collecting rare sixties
and seventies reggae and dub cuts. Sequencing, sampling, and mixing
tunes on my laptop. Spinning dope records on my tables. Experimental
filmmaking, sound design, sound recording and creating atmospheric
music for soundtracks. Maintaining a balance between mind and body
through exercise and meditation.

HISTORY: I was born in Seattle, Washington on June 16th, 1981. My
family moved after a few months to Berkeley, California. I went to
pre-school in Berkeley and was the only white student in my class. My
parents re-located again to Grand Haven, Michigan and I attended
kindergarten through second grade. I was thought to be slow because I
couldn't pay attention to the boredom bestowed upon me. We moved into
a house that would prove to be haunted. There were some real bad
vibes in that house. My father played me the Peter Tosh record Equal
Rights and it influenced me heavily. Eventually moved to Grayling,
Michigan. Lived in the woods. Had a bad bout of insomnia caused by
experiencing and fearing things that could only be explained as
supernatural. When I would sleep, I saw and communicated with demons
and ghosts. As I grew up I lost my sensitivity toward perceiving the
spirit world. Began to worry about useless crap and stopped partaking
in childish activities. Experienced the awkward stage of puberty.
Entered high school. Had many a heart a broken. Transferred to a
private arts school and studied theater deep within the wilderness of
Interlochen, Michigan. Felt at home in the highly creative
environment. Experimented with consciousness expansion. Moved to
New York City and lost sense of self. Drowned sorrows with booze until
I got alcohol poisoning. Cleaned up a bit. Met and kissed many a
pretty girl. Moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan to escape the concrete
jungle in 2001. Majored in film and minored in history of art.
Started to listen heavily to electronic music and began to dj out a
bit. Influenced by early gabber, hard dark jungle, badman dance hall
and high grade dub. Started to produce little crappy loops with some
acquired programs. Sucked real bad at first and eventually got better.

INSPIRATIONS: My folks, My fam: Xrin Arms, Systemofadon, Ben Simon of
Get the People, Metal Babble aka Kel Ded, Little Mack, Blaerg, Johnny Static, Noxious One, Eliza Fernand, and my trusty canine companion Mr. Chips.
CREWS: Sociopath Recordings, Mode of Proof, Noise-Joy, From the Gut,
and Reject Records.

OTHER ALIASES: The Bottomfeeder- harsh noise, strained melodies, and
fractured rhythms. The Feverheadz- blunted beats with vocal treats and
dj Satta don Dada-mashed-up ragga mixes in a dance hall style.

Traits @ myspace

Sociopath Releases:

[SRmp3 100-2] Various Artists - Sociopath Community Part.2
[SRmp3 033] Traits - No Lightweight