Toiletooth started out banging on pots and pans. the pots got bigger, and the pans kept panning. now as a full grown gnome, he has covered a lot of ground in his musical endeavors, all the way from being an mc for over a decade to his more recent electronic endeavors. toiletooth's fisher-price melodies intertwined with stuttered percussion flail around like a lover with no arms, attempting nothing but a hug. toiletooth has released works on the NorthAmericanHardcore Netlabel, as well as the Fashion Proof Netlabel. Currently living in Portland, Oregon, toiletooth spends most of his evenings with a bowl of sherbert, dressed as a ninja, reading harry potter novels, and watching perry mason. thank you.

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Sociopath Releases:

[SRCOMP 001] Various Artists - Sociopath Blitzkrieg
[SRmp3 012] Toiletooth - Montevideo