Trebor Nametab
is a 22 year old producer from Worthing, England. He’s been producing music in one form or another for most of his life. His current taste is in faster breakbeats with melodic, orchestral undertones. His love of various types of music expands and influences into his own, giving him his signature sound. Taking influence from such groups as Squarepusher, Aphex Twin and Datach’i as well as a considerable nod to Venetian Snares and a love of classical, he has created a melodic yet fast sound with emphasis on strange time signatures(7/4, 11/4, 13/8, etc.) equally suited to dancing like mad or just listening politely to. It has been described as sounding like Tom Jenkinson and Aaron Funk playing chess in a big empty room.

His sound is unique in that it is a perfect blend of orchestral music produced from classical instruments and breaks from obvious electronic sources. The end result is a completely harmonious mix of soft and loud, fast and slow and heavy and light. Trebor Nametab has given the IDM and “breakcore” world something new and delightful to rave about.

The new E.P. contains a varied taste of his work. With the tracks “Iron”, “Cat & Mouse”, “Magnesium”, “Plutonium” and “Zinc” there is sure to be heads turned and volume knobs cranked. Intelligent Dance Music is a new frontier for many fans of electronica, and Trebor guides us through, easily bridging the gap between old and new, creating an atmospheric yet upbeat style sure to find a home on the decks in the craziest clubs, or the most peaceful night home with your I-pod, a glass, a book and a fire.

Trebor Nametab @ myspace

Sociopath Releases:

[SRmp3 045] Trebor Nametab - Elementary