Porion was born in Toulouse (SW France) in 2010. My other musical projects are/was Horion, 9375NKS, Gottschalk, Geyser... I started creating sample music at the beginning of the nineties and founded with a friend near Paris the NKS International label. Check our website : In french language, "Porion" is close to the words "pig"="porc" and
"rotten"="pourri". "Porion" is a french word for the foremen who worked in the coal and iron mines in northern France about 100 years ago. Porions started as miners and they had promotions. Some of them were particularly proud and bossy but they had to work hard like the other men, women and children. Porion creates freakish drum'n'bass & breakcore tracks mixed with digital hardcore, punk rock & cybergrind. But no limits of styles. Live sets in Toulouse in 2010.

Porion (FR):

Sociopath Release:

[sociopath 010] Porion - Porion in Dub
[SRmp3 195] Porion - Petite Mine (joue avec le feu)