Zeuge is a pseudonym of Dima Reznikov. Dima has been fond of electronic music since 90's. In more mature age Zeuge became filled with sounds of dark ambient and rhythmic noise, and then in 2002-2003 discovered for himself extreme trend of club music personified by Technical Itch. With the lapse of time interests became wider and included such styles as techno, schranz, hardcore, breakcore, speedcore, darkcore, terror. Later Dima became a member of Euthanasia promo, where under scene name Headshot presented his hardtechno/hardcore sets on a lot of parties. Aspiration for promotion of extreme music as breakcore and hardcore masterminded Dima to creation his own promo - [Core]poration, and new project - Zeuge. Passion to music writing was progressing and new project Zeuge included various music styles such as hardcore, breakcore, terror, IDM. Since September 2009 he became a member of new well progressing Belarusian label DEADPIXEL RECORDS, where he took part in compilation. Also split-album with PADZEM is out now. One of new tracks was included in disk compilation SICK COMPILATION VOL. 2 on the Acid Samovar Rec. Sound of Zeuge music is dark, mystic, aggressive, evil form time to time, but it does not exclude its romantic and lyricism. In Live concerts besides tracks Dima uses pieces of old material, loops, new sketches, and various melodies, that make his set more live and multi-faceted. During his creative activity Dima played on one scene with such well known artistes as Teknoist, Rotator, Passenger of Shit, Gromov, Totally Normal, Distimia, Overkill,Satan, Dj Hidden, Eye-d, Tomash Gee, Pavel Ambiont, The Outside Agency, 8088, Recycle Bot and was invited with performance to different festivals in Moscow and St. Petersburg.


Sociopath Releases:
[SRmp3 192] Zeuge - Inflow