I’m from Poland, Łodź city – Polish capitol of drum and bass music. I have started producing music from 1995 when i was 15 years old with no computer- only with old, broken Amiga,
pilot from walkman, keyboard Casio for kids and cassette player. All that combined into my first “recording studio”...

Now i’m working mainly with Reason, FL studio, Cubase, Ableton live, audition. I produce dark heavy Drum and Bass,
breakcore, experimental-electronica, drill and bass, downtempo, chillout – all genres with broken beats.
I don’t play live offten, I make music whenever i can and that is my passion. After 10 years of producing i have over 400 tunes in all mentioned genres.

My first relase is an EP called Zero Tolerance[Mindsaw] contains three tunes: Mutation, Fullmoon Massacre, I Saw
Your Mind.

In 2008 i've joined Violent Tendencies. It's a group of dark artsits from a number of medias. With skills such as music production, graphix, and flim. Covering the musical side of things are XZIST THE LUNATTAK (Mindsaw,Riot Lab), SICKNOTE (Riot Lab), BEAST (Riot Lab), OTM (Mindsaw), The VCO (Mindsaw), Shadow Conspiracy (Mindsaw)and BRAINPAIN (Mindsaw) . Musically the group will concerntrate on Hard and Dark Drum and Bass, along with Dubstep and experimental electro. Over time a live act will be created, breaking a lot of genre boundaries and bringing a new sound to your ears. All our musicians are also DJs and we have various radioshows and residencies, check out the links below :) There will also be work in film scores and soundtracks, with some interesting contracts already secure.

my music is here:

Sociopath Releases:

[SRmp3 109] Brainpain - Madness And Obsession