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Nicola Manzan was born in treviso (italy) in 1976. as violinist, guitarist, composer, he has collaborated with: +++++++++full effect - polyphase (cd-1996), emotional industrialism vice ep (cdr/mc-1998), cold choke ep (cdr-2000), -reconcilement- at present, a sweet lullaby (loudblast/self-cd-2001), december (rizoma produzioni-cdr-2005/[noisecult]-cdr2006), -reconcilement- re-release ([noisecult]-cd2006 +++++++++si:pja - live from the loft ep (cdr-1999), daily birth (black sun/freakout!-cd-2000) +++++++++4fioriperzoe - normalmente scompaiono (sciopero/mescal-cd-2002), "claire" soundtrack (short movie - france 2004), "c'.. qualche zanzara in paradiso?" soundtrack (movie - italy 2004), "mar..e basse" soundtrack (short movie - france 2005), "le sirene" soundtrack (short movie - italy 2005), "43-un film di un certo livello" soundtrack (short movie - italy/france 2005), "la papera" soundtrack (short movie - italy 2006), "just naked" soundtrack (short movie - france 2006), "il mali migliore" soundtrack (documentary - italy 2006), "da lontano" soundtrack (short movie - italy/france 2006) +++++++++paolo benvegn.. - suggestionabili ep (stout music/santeria/audioglobe-cd-2003), piccoli fragilissimi film (stout music/santeria/audioglobe-cd-2003) +++++++++yuppie flu - toastmasters (homesleep-cd-2005)+++++++++nonvogliocheclara - hotel tivoli ep (aiuola dischi/universal-mcd-2004), l'ultima occasione ep (aiuola dischi/universal-mcd-2004), s/t (aiuola dischi/universal-cd-2006) +++++++++brychan - reel in between (cyc promotions/venus-cd-2003) +++++++++in blu soundtrack (short movie - italy 2002) |||||||||||||check out the new album BOLOGNA VIOLENTA released by SKPrecords (distributed by [noisecult] records (IT), Up&Down records (IT), Shove Records (IT), Up&Down records (IT), MoreSecca (IT), distroyourself (IT), sow me youe tits (FR), frankenstein distro (BE), Valley Of Death Records (UK), Apatia Distro (POR), Speedrawk Records (MA)) and download for free the BOLOGNA VIOLENTA EP released by CORE:BACK records||||||||||||| releases: vasectomia (italy/russia) + scumfuck (germany) + evil anus (spain) 3-way split cd (coyoterecords), il teatro degli orrori - new album (la Tempestsa), 4fioriperzoe new album, 4fioriperzoe - musiche per film mai visti (soundtracks), velvet score new album (black candy records), piccola bottega baltazar new album, ramsaziz - new album (bagana records).......... ||||||||||on tour as violinist with FRANKLIN DELANO band and NONVOGLIOCHECLARA band||||||||||

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[SRmp3 008] Bologna Violenta - Take No Prisoners