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Born 1977, Asteroth is a self made musician, he knowanything of music and he didn't had piano lessons when he was a child.He grew listening to techno music since the early 90's, falling intorave parties. He began composing in 2000, using Fruity Loops andReBirth, now he is addicted into Reason and Live. His approach to musicis oriented to noise, manipulating loops and sounds taken fromeverywhere. All his production is false, fakeish and plagued.He is focused on quality of production, changing continously his sound setup.He is obsessed from rattling breakbeats and furious 4/4 gabba beats.In 2007 started mixing raggae vocals with extreme d'n'b beats, now heis working on a complete mashup concept, mixing various styles intopowerful noisy tracks.Nowadays he is involved into Laptop BattleItaly project, pushing laptop music into the under-underground scene.

Sociopath Releases:

[SRmp3 118] Asteroth - Nu°°

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[SRmp3 089] Asteroth - Squash

[SRmp3 068] Asteroth - DisturbingCheapNoise

[SRcomp 001] Various Artists - Sociopath Blitzkrieg A & B part

08.Logik Terrorist - LatexBurritos