I was born in 1991. The music I love from childhood (since all write), with 14 years of playing guitar in various local rock bands, trying to sing, eventually moved on to more serious forms of music, as the death of the nucleus, and in vain shouted into the microphone.
This has happened before 2008, while some are not nice people introduced me to breakcore and hardcore. For this, I'm grateful to them madly (Fun Ultraz,I love you all).Thanks to these people, I started attending raves, and I really enjoyed!
In 2010, I began experimenting with trying and writing muzyki.kak and all turned out all at once. but it turned out, this is the result.- -

Sociopath Release:

[Sociopath 024] Headlez Ponch - Shitness 
[SRmp3 240] headlez Ponch & Drunk Optimus - Made By Our Grannies

[SRmp3 234] Headlez Ponch - Mashcore Disco
[SRmp3 227] Headlez Ponch - Check Out This Shit