Biography: Marcello was born in Sassari in 1980, and since'96 has started to make electronic music using a computer from poor performance and playing the drums in groups of various musical trends in his city, both as author and as performer. In 2006 he received the title of Sound Engineer, SAE Institute of Milan. He has accumulated experience in various Fields has worked in the broadcast of CNBC News, has sound short films and music videos, has produced music electronic and IDM. His interest in testing it led to specialize in the use of analog and digital hardware and software for recording and music production. Since 2007 works at the SAE Institute in Milan as Supervisor of Audio Engineer course and, since 2008 as Head Instructor Course Electronic Music Production. He also works as a Sound engeneer for musical events and exhibitions.He is since 2009 Ableton Certified Trainer.
2009 first solo release with Till2012 "Breakmalaria EP" 
2010 "Intelli_Step 01 EP" for Altosync.

He is trying to find more gigs!


Sociopath Release:
[SRmp3 208] Amousement - RelationShit