Khaoz Engine aka Sebastien Janssens knew since his 12th electronic music was his passion. He went since this young age to many parties which featured also a lot of breakcore, dnb & hardcore. On his 15th he knew he wanted to be a bigger part of this scene and started to dj with "Deadend" playing DnB & Hardcore, but this just wasn't enough. At the age of 16 he started to produce his first tracks, he was very eager to learn & his beats became better & better, evolving to a sound which combines hard & evil ambiences with powerfull breaks & kicks. In his first year he already played on some parties in Ghent & Antwerp. Then he got hooked up by the Wanted Freaks crew which brought Khaoz Engine to a higher level of shows, after his first Wanted Freaks apperiances he got booked by the likes of Wood (Sickboy & Friends), Abused Recordingz, Yllogyk & Furthur (Tensionfest) sharing the stage with guys like Bogdan Raczynski, Enduser, Counterstrike , The Teknoist , Ebola, Passenger of Shit , Sickboy, Dev/Null ,Electric Kettle, Maladroit , Dj Rainbow Ejaculation ,The Hardcoholics, Ram + Bassick, Suburbass, Borgore and many more. This past summer, only 18 years old, he played his first international show in Hungary with USA Kings & Incredible Hexadecibels. His energetic live shows get the crowd banging everywhere, some people describe his live sound as "Heavy machinery war" or just "Massive Brutal". 2010 is going to become another promising year for Antwerp's most promising Hardcore/Breakcore talent.

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Sociopath Releases:
[SRmp3 184] Khaoz Engine - Heavy Machinery War