The Jesus Mohammeds is a breakcore "band" from Sweden. It was started by Mr. Funnyshoes one day when he was bored and made a track for fun. His friend Negrobeat found it hilarious and started making a new track. The name "The Jesus Mohammeds" was adopted because neither of them liked religions. Negrobeat and Mr. Funnyshoes played their music for Mr. Funnyshoes cousin, he liked it, so he started to make some lyrics on random to use in the music. So The Jesus Mohammeds is now a three-man-band. Most tracks are based on christian music and swedish music for old people. If you like hilarious breakcore I would really recommend this artist.

Current bandmembers:
Mr. Funnyshoes
4x4 Monster/King Koopa
Hapax Legomenon
The Animal

Sociopath Release:

[SRmp3 168] The Jesus Mohammeds - God Loves Us More Than He Loves You