Rising from the ashes of the early 90s midwest acid and hardcore rave scene, The Artbreaker uses archaic tools and methodolgy to carefully craft future music, forward thinking sound experiments, and general aural chaos that sounds as though it were an alien language sent back in time from the future. With a D.I.Y. discography to rival even the most established and longterm names in the game, netlabel releases with Bludclot Recordings, North American Hard Core, More Recordings, and vinyl releases with Good Fortune Sound, Evil Teens, and ThvsLtd he brings everything from soundsystem demolishing jungle and breakcore to crackhopglitchstep to zambient to artstep and beyond - all with his original production work via live P.A.

The Artbreaker has shared the stage with such noteworthies as: General Malice, Bogdan Raczynski, Otto Von Schirach, R.A.W., Emotional Joystick, Curtis Chip, DJ Starscream, Baseck,
Sonic Death Rabbit, Ovrthrustr, DJ 3D, CM3, Shiny McShine, MarkH, Noface, and many more.

Aliases: The Artbreaker, D://TATCH, Samurai Envelope, Ohmnivore, The Broken Awethor

Sociopath Releases:

[SRmp3 146] The Artbreaker - Darko Arko