About Snoblind:
  Getting bored with the average cubicle life, Snoblind was formed in 2002 when two cubicle jockeys (Vincent and Regina) who happened to play bass and guitar get hooked up and started make music with their computers. What started as a water-fountain conversation joke project blossomed into a full fledge on-going sonic and visual experiment.

  With an intelligent blend of technology and live instrumentation, Snoblind expressively deliver music in a wide range of styles, from street tough, bass heavy hiphop to swirling ambient soundscape, from spliffed out dub funk to in your face punk rock. Whatever style it is, the baseline of Snoblind is one thing: head music for your soul.

  Our influences are DJ Shadow, Coldcut, 2 Many DJs, David Holmes, Bill Laswell, RZA, Bill Frisell, John Coltrane, Techno Animal, Prefuse 73, Blockhead, early 90s hiphop, Nirvana, Babes in Toyland, Skid Row, Guns and Roses, indie punk etc.

  Snoblind started DJing at LCX, Ocean Terminal in 2002 until SARS hit < xml="true" ns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" prefix="st1" namespace="">Hong Kong. After SARS, Snoblind focused on the collaborations with a local renowned street fashion label DOUBLEDOG for two years. Since 2005, Snoblind focus on live performances. Snoblind has been participated in the infamous Spring Scream Festival and Formoz Festival in Taiwan for 3 years in a row. In Hong Kong, Snoblind has performed in the Tom Lee Music Carnival, events organised by "Mind Your Head" and the infamous "Underground" shows. In 2007 Snoblind played at HK Live! with raving response, and undertook a mini tour of Taiwan with the inclusion of the infamous Spring Scream festival, amongst venues all over Taiwan.

  In May 2006 Snoblind released the debut CD "Musica Di Digitalia" showcasing a range of musical style ranging from hip hop, industrial to punkish electronica. The CD received positive reviews from major press in Hong Kong. "Musica Di Digitalia" also received airplay on Australia's acclaimed ABC National Radio programme, "Sound Quality".

  Snoblind 的成員包括Regina (ex-M2R) 和 Vincent. Snoblind是兩個上班族厭倦白天的白領生活組成的樂隊。不甘於受傳統的模式規範,Snoblind以獨特的表現手法以筆記簿電腦揉合現場表演,錄音室製作技巧,至現場視像控制 (Video Jockeying) 來演譯極具個人風格的音樂。Snoblind有別於一般所謂電音DJ,他們的音樂風格包羅萬有,曲風成熟地包含Space Rock, Punk Rock, Trip Hop, Breakbeat等多種元素。
  2002年Snoblind自資出版Mini-album "Pixelled Hallucination",受各樂評人(包括香港的號外雜誌)好評。此外﹐Snoblind亦與香港著名時裝品牌Double Dog合作推出 crossover產品,於2004年中以Redline Overdrive為主題﹐替其特別限量版丹寧褲製作mixtape發售。而 Redline Overdrive- Mixtape by Snoblind這張專輯當時亦在台灣有售。Pixelled Hallucination及 Redline Overdrive - Mixtape by Snoblind這兩張專輯於發售後短時間售罄。

  2004年﹐Snoblind 替一名不幸患惡疾的朋友舉行慈善籌募活動﹐推出名為 Songs in the Key of Life的 CD + T-shirt 套裝﹐於 Double Brother作公開發售。香港的雜誌亦有報導此事。除了達到預期的籌款目的外﹐Songs in the Key of Life專輯中的細緻音樂亦獲得香港傳媒的好評。這個CD + T-shirt 套裝於開始發售後一個月便售罄了。

  這兩年來Snoblind比較專注於現場演出。Snoblind於2005年在台灣「春天吶喊」音樂節、「野台開唱」及「秋虎祭」獲邀請表演,他們與別不同的表演形式及音樂風格令觀眾留下深刻印象﹐獲得好評。今年﹐ Snoblind於香港與台灣兩地演出。2月﹐ 3月及8月分別於「通利音樂繽紛嘉年華」﹐Mind Your Head 0320 ﹐Mind Your Head x Rock Area 0820 表演; 4月及7月則在台灣的「春天吶喊」音樂節及「野台開唱」演出。

  除了一連串的演出外﹐ Snoblind 於2006年5月亦推出了新的專輯﹐名為Musica Di Digitalia. 這張新專輯在香港及台灣兩地同時發行。並獲好評,而Snoblind的音樂亦被澳洲全國電台ABC播放。

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