Negrobeat is a breakcore/mashcore artist which is born in Sweden 1988 as Marlon Beijer. Marlon's musical "career" started in the winter of 2005 when he got a new friend which made music for fun. This friend was Simon Lindholm a.k.a Mr. Funnyshoes. Mr. Funnyshoes showed Marlon the basics of Ableton Live. Marlon then started to make psychadelic electro under the name Philemon but he got bored of that so he started to make experimental drum and bass as Philia Monstrum. But his works was never accepted in the Drum n Bass scene and that made him discover breakcore. He started to make some breakcore tracks in the spring of 2006 and spread them over soulseek. His nickname on soulseek was Negrobeat so he got known as that. So Marlon started to use the artist-name Negrobeat while making new tracks.


Captain Raveman is a raggacore side project of Negrobeat 


[SRmp3 258] Captain Raveman - Quick 'n' Dirty
[SRmp3 200-1] V.A. - Sociopath Breakdown Vol.1
[SRmp3 168] The Jesus Mohammeds - God Loves Us More Than He Loves You
[SRmp3 046] Negrobeat - Dawson Leery
[SRCOMP 001] V.A. - Sociopath Blitzkrieg
[SRmp3 023] Negrobeat - Rataxes...Are You Kidding?