KwasioR aged 23; his adventure with music had started several years ago. Yet in his early years as a child he was listening to a lot of electronic and experimental music but always kept his roots with Reggae and Dubbs on which he’s grown up in his motherland. (Poland)

His open-minded attitude towards music allowed him to be unlimited and diverse. His style can be described as an energetic mixture of Break core, Raga core, Speed core, Drill core and Jungle.

KwasioR’s projects were played on underground radio stations and are well known from Net-Labels. ‘Sociopath Recordings’ distributed the latest production. The compilation contains 7 tracks such as ‘IDM’ and ‘Noise’.

Since 2003 his musical career with the electronic music has developed into serious activity. A few years ago he has immigrated to Italy where he continues the further exploration of the music. The progress and new circumstances have changed his lifestyle completely. He got to know many helpful people from the underground, which showed him the trade in different light.

Nowadays, KwasioR produces the music in his own studio inFlorence (Northern Italy). From the past two years him and his other producers organise the rave-up called ‘Metal core’.

KwasioR about himself says:

‘’The music makes me feel like sombodyelse and if there won’t a music
in my life I’d be a piece of waste…’’

‘’I love to seat with my computer and produce in silence of the gloom’’

Kwasior @ myspace

Sociopath Releases:

[SRmp3 016] Kwasior - Tournament