A guy called Raymond Kiss, from the mentally forced Hungary, one day got bored with fast thrash metal, and Tom Araya's screaming. After that he discovered Warp Records classic drill 'n bass bullshit, and soon he found himself in this crazy electronic-scene. His ears filled with breakcore, jungle, IDM, acid, gabber and shit like that. He's old dream was that he once become a musicians, and now it come true... half. Now his a "bed-room-musician" with guitars, pianos, GameBoys, and various programmes.

He plays in a wide-spectrum. From breakcore to classical, from acid to grindcore, from IDM to glitch (well these are fairly close to each other). If he create an album or an EP or something, you won't know what may destroy your ears, and blow your mind.

It's a question of luck!

Sociopath Releases:

[SRCOMP 001] Various Artists - Sociopath Blitzkrieg