Kamikaze Deadboy was born in 1987 and starting listening to music at the age of 11. Originally getting into the punk rock lifestyle after my mother played him her Sex Pistols records, I would later start listening to other rock bands. After I was socially rejected by my peers for listening to too many unknown unpopular bands, I later picked up Atari Teenage Riot album Delete Yourself out of interest. This band music would later change my outlook on music, as I started creating music at 17 on ejay, under the name of The Teenage Angst Brigade (a play on ATR name and a reference to a Silverchair lyric)

After the music of TaB was becoming too crass and commercial for my taste,
he decided to create a side project and became Kamikaze Deadboy, a name taken from a odd looking Japanese person been interviewed in a rock magazine.

KDB became a full time project, starting originally from mindless screamed gibberish to more complex noise soundscapes and mangled jungle beats, KDB was quickly carving in niche in the Halifax music scene, as been respected by some of his favourite bands including Influential Funk Metal band Smokin?Suckaz Wit Logic, members of the French band Dirty District, and Local
bands Taurus Tetsuo Prophecy and The Volatile Gentlemen. I dubbed my style a samplecore which is a style clashing with my love for Breakcore and Punk Rock, and as my music is heavily reliant on sampling sounds from ever sound resource.

Kamikaze Deadboy @ myspace

Sociopath Releases:
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[SRmp3 057] Kamikaze Deadboy - Samplecore Bible Volume 2
[SRCOMP 001] Various Artists - Sociopath Blitzkrieg
[SRmp3 035] Kamikaze Deadboy - Teenage Mutant Ninja Breakcore
[SRmp3 027] Kamikaze Deadboy - Samplecore Bible Volume One