L'Homme Fatal (UK)

L'Homme Fatal @ myspace

L'homme fatal (french for "the fatal man") started in 2008. prior to creating this project, the artist claims he had a serious meltdown and came up with the name after hearing Patric Catani (a artist better than alec empire!) song of the same name. the artist refuses to known personally, although it is claimed he is the halifax based breakcore weirdo kamikaze deadboy. the music has distributed throughout the internet and usually sucker punches stupid emo kids by posing as a scene girl on the myspace music profile. the music is created on a unreigestered sound editor, and looks as sampling as saying thank you to artists who has influenced the project.

a serious eccentric, homme fatal likes speedcore, dhr, passenger of shit and cats.

Sociopath Releases:

[SRmp3 137] L'homme fatal & Pooberry Shitcake - Girls Love Crapcore split
[SRmp3 107] Abortifacient / L'homme Fatal / Poor Jiffy - International Bastardpop Superstars Split