I started playing music in Paris in 1991 & created the NKS International with a friend in 1993 as a label for our diy musical stuff.

The Horion solo project started in 2000 in Paris, now in Toulouse (SW France), a " drumbasscore crossover experience " influenced by Panacea, Aphrodite, Scorn,  Enduser, Aaron Spectre...

The discography consists of 2 eps, 2 lps & 13 trax or remixes on different compilations featuring artists such as Edgey & Hypnoskull and labels such as Darkstep, Core:back & DPP. You can download all tracks from the NKS website:

" keep on foukin' pigz, dancafuckaz ! "

Horion @ myspace

Sociopath Releases:
[SRmp3 083] Horion - No Fear Restriction