Grr (IT)

I was born in 1981. I began play music when I was 16y ol', singing in a industrial/noise band, then when I was 18y ol', I started playing electric bass, whit not so much good results :(

In 2001 I began play rave parties, n' I became addicted to this!!
In that year, I also did the best thing of my life, and I took my lady dog "OGRE"; i love her!! :)

In 2003 a friend of mine, asked me if I was intrested to produce some tekno and hardcore, and in that moment I understood that I needed to play music!! That's sure the best way to express myself!!

In 2005 I founded a tekno tribe called Ikaprons with some good friends, then in 2006 something changed inside the tribe, and we reborn whit the name of SGNARL ELEKTRO VIOLENCE.
Actually we are a bit less active in the scene, but we continue with organize free parties.

From 2007 I became addicted to breakcore music, and now I'm trying to experiment on it, but I'm not leaving my hardcore soul!!

Sociopath Releases:

[SRmix 006] Grr - How Hard (P.L.) - Live Set
[SRmp3 133] Grr - Snuffcraft