Fed. - как проект зародился в далёком 1954 году,с рождением его отца!

первое рвение к музыке стало заметно вместе с зарождением битломании и диппёпулии...В восьмидесятых участвовал на популярных утренних рэйвах детсадов!

в начале девяностых сломал первый компьютер,386...Лауреат первого конкурса дисторшн караоке 89 и Шансон-миди 4 - 96!

Его исполнение песен на шансон-боксах(разновидность грув-боксов)совпадает с оригиналом на 96%. Отлично играет в старую-добрую игру веснушки(брось кирпич в говно)!

Народ при его игре танцует польку,вальс и соло на гитаре! На свои бешеные гонорары выкупил себе теплокамеру и установил раздвижные люки!
Организатор движения "УБЕЙ БОМЖА - СПАСИ ТЕПЛОУЗЕЛ".

Fed. - has been a musical project since his own father's inception in far 1954 (year of Stalin's demise btw!!!).

First musical impulses were spurred by emergence of bitlomania, deeppurpulia and homegrown weed known in Soviet Union as "plan". Eighties saw him headlining multiple kindergarten raves.

In early nineties, lost his hacker virginity by copletely breaking a 386 into peices. Winner of the first Distortion Karaoke "LameLipSync" contest and runner-up of the 4th
annual Gulag-Country Midi Seqeuncing Cup '96.

Thus proclaiming him the ultimate Midi-Gulag hero of the nighbourhood. Your average Gulag chanson chops come 96% close to the originals, whe the King is at the controls on the chanson-box (local variety of groovebox)!

Fed.'s favourite yard games include the good ole fecal-freckles (throw brick into shit and stay bent), a passtime of choice for many local shitpunks.

On the dancefloor he's the man, with his diskopolo moves, beer-belly dancing he's rocking the ladies and pisses off faggot minimal deejays.

His first million dollars earned by supplying raw musical material for a WC Duck tv commercial was spent on buying out a substancial part of his hometown's heat pipeline and monopolizing numerous winter stayover places of local bums.

"KEEP WARM - BUST A BUM" has become a logo for his new political movement.

Current plans include touring the world preaching shitcore.

bio by Alioscha Shit.


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