One of the most famous Ukrainian hardcore dj/producer. Was born in Odessa, 28 October 1983. In 1999 first time started producing hardcore, acid, hardtrance tunes. In 2004 became the DJ, playing different hardcore styles from early rave to terrorcore. In 2006 became one of the founders of the biggest all over Ukraine hardcore promotional group - Bangin' Beats Promo. Since 2007 has many releases on labels: Rus Zud, Sociopath Recordings, Acidsamovar, Breakcore.NL, D-Trash, Hardcore Central Europe. Has own unique style, inspired by oldschool rave, influenced by hardcore, mashed up with some breaky elements, crazy atmosphere, powerful energy and all these things between 200-250 BPM. As a DJ preferred frenchcore, speedcore, mashcore, Dutch and Italian hardcore, early rave.

AleX Tune:

Sociopath Releases:
[SRmp3 228] AleX Tune - Your Bunny Rave Remixes

[SRmp3 187] AleX Tune - Frequencies

[SRmp3 150] AleX Tune -
What Is A Mashup?

[SRmp3 062] AleX Tune - Wind Of Changes